Reported ‘Inappropriate Conduct’ of Maine West Soccer Players, Coaches, Investigated by Police, DCFS

Several students face disciplinary action and will not be allowed to play, pending the outcome of the investigation, according to a statement by Maine Township High School District 207.

Reports of inappropriate conduct by several players on Maine West High School’s boys’ soccer team are being investigated by the high school, school district, Des Plaines Police Department and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, according to a statement released by Maine Township High School District 207.

The Maine West soccer players who face disciplinary action will not be allowed to play, pending the outcome of the investigation, according to the school district’s statement.

Michael Divincenzo, varsity soccer coach, Emilio Rodriguez, freshman soccer coach and three other coaches that are not teachers in the district, were temporarily reassigned with pay to duties outside the classroom, pending the investigation outcome, according to the school district’s statement.


Dr. Ken Wallace, superintendent, stated, “We have clear expectations for the conduct of our athletes and coaches, and if there are allegations of misconduct we have a duty to take them seriously, to conduct an objective investigation of the facts, and to respond accordingly. The safety and well-being of our District 207 students is always our highest priority.”

Des Plaines Police Chief William Kushner said a criminal investigation was conducted regarding a report of an incident that took place on Maine West property the last week of September, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The current boys soccer coaches at Maine West are Eliades Hernandez for the freshmen team, Adam York for sophomore team and Al Matan and Aaron Fleming for the varsity team, David Beery, spokesman for District 207, stated in an email to Patch.

Maine West’s varsity soccer team made it to the regional title game against New Trier High School last season, when they lost 2-1, Journal and Topics Newspapers reported.

kanyewest October 12, 2012 at 05:49 AM
But ain't no one snitching!
kanyewest October 12, 2012 at 05:51 AM
Pretty much, someone's anus got hazed to the point where it needed medical attention. Mom called the school, which opened up a can worms (hazing in general) and now the school is facing a possible lawsuit. Bang bang.
kanyewest October 12, 2012 at 05:52 AM
Das dat ish I doooont like!
Greg in Huntley November 24, 2012 at 07:04 PM
In another Patch article the complaint is as follows which sounds like first degree sexual assault: "During the “campus run” the boy’s teammates grabbed him, according to the complaint, tore off his underwear, held him down so he could not resist, grabbed his testicles and sodomized him with their fingers and other foreign objects."
Greg in Huntley November 24, 2012 at 07:33 PM
According to Illinois Law and its definition of Criminal Sexual Assault - To sustain the charge of criminal sexual assault, the State must prove the following propositions: [1] First Proposition: That the defendant committed an act of sexual penetration upon ____________________; and Second Proposition: That the act was committed by the use of force or threat of force[; and Third Proposition: That __________________ did not consent to the act of sexual penetration]. According to the complaint which if found true the boys and adults most likely would be charged with sexual assualt and be labeled "sex offenders" for the rest of their lives. You can not dance around an assault by calling is a hazing or "just boys being boys" especially when adult supervision is involved.


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