Park Ridge to Talk Gun Control, Conceal Carry

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The Park Ridge City Council plans to discuss the state's conceal carry legislation at it's meeting July 8.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at 505 Butler Place.

Illinois had to enact conceal carry legislation by July 9 after a federal court ruling. Although Gov. Pat Quinn issued an amendatory veto, the legislation was approved by enough votes to override the veto. A vote on Quinn's veto should come this week.

As currently written, municipalities such as Park Ridge only have 10 days to take action regarding the possession and use of fire arms after the bill becomes law.

The city had planned to discuss the issue in June, but the meeting was derailed by stormy weather and a subsequent power outage.
PRidger July 07, 2013 at 11:33 PM
I wanted to start off by saying any such local ordnance would invite massive lawsuits against the city of Park Ridge. Such laws and ordinances are not only ineffective in stopping any kind of crime and difficult to enforce on the local level, but they are also extremely costly to defend in the courts. The City of Chicago recently paid almost $1,400,000.00 in legal fees after their unconstitutional handgun ban was thrown out by the courts. This $1,400,000.00 only represents their payments of the NRA's legal fees. It was actually raised to $1.5 because Chicago fought the fees and lost that also and had to pay the NRA another $94k. On top of all that Chicago and Oak Park still had to pay their own legal bills. Infringing on the right to bare arms and twisting the 2nd Amendment would not be able to be defended by our towns legal team and there would be additional fees for outside council. Currently the Cook County "assault weapons" ban is in litigation and in light of other recent court decisions it looks that it is destined to be thrown out costing Cook County hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in wasted legal fees. Follow the IL State guidelines that will be set forth and save this town the monies that would be wasted.
sp60 July 08, 2013 at 07:00 AM
Hasn't Park Ridge been sued for millions already? If they want to keep having their taxpaying citizens contribute to the coffers of the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation, that's fine though. It might be better for residents if instead they simply recognized that they are part of IL, and the US and stop trying to make their own special version of the laws.


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