Poll: Was The Harassment Of Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Worth $665,000?

School bus monitor became a national celebrity after a video of her being bullied by grade school students went viral.


School bus monitor Karen Klein, 68, became a celebrity and media sensation after a video of her being bullied by grade school students went viral.

The video (which is attached to this story) has been uploaded to Youtube several times and has garnered millions of views. Klein, 68, was a bus monitor in Greece, New York when the incident occured. The video appeared on Youtube June 19.

As Patch blogger Judy S. Freedman wrote, .

The incident also has led to the harassment of the students involved and their families, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. Some of the students involved had received death threats, the newspaper reported.

Since the video became public, the students have been suspended for a year and will reportedly attend an alternative school during that time.

A Toronto resident, Max Sidorov, was so upset by the video that he began an online fundraiser for Klein. Sidorov's goal was was to raise $5,000. Instead, Sidorov raised about $665,000.

"It is ridiculously more than I expected," Sidorov told USAToday. "I just had an idea. It's the people who took it and ran with it."

Chris Kelly wrote a blog post for Huffington Post stating that Klein should give some of the money to the school district she worked for. Kelly wrote that Klein should refund her salary of $15,506.

"[W]hy was she there? What did she think her job was? What did the parents who put their children on the bus think? Because, for $375 a week, to ride the bus twice, she doesn't appear to be preventing very much bullying," Kelly wrote.

Klein never reported the incident to the school district, USAToday reported.

In an interview with WGRZ-TV channel 2 Klein said that she is not returning to work as a bus monitor. As for the money, Klein was asked about people who have questioned whether she was doing her job and deserved the money: "That's basically what they're saying I guess. I didn't plan this. This wasn't my idea."

Raymond Prusak July 02, 2012 at 10:39 PM
JOSE. Check out the piece in the Los Angeles Times online today. You can get it via google news. Mental, emotional problems plague adults who were slapped around or screamed at as children.
GuitarMan July 03, 2012 at 02:28 AM
There is no national conversation about bullying, because most adults’ and the parents of many of these kids are probably equally uncivilized. We live in a world were “free speech” is an excuse to shout out any nonsense one sees fit to say. Speaking only to a parent now, take a close look of how you comment about your co-workers, situations in the news, and anyone you disagree with, are your spoken works consistent with free speech and the open exchange of idea’s, or a one sided tirade about how “stupid” so and so is? Any “national debate” on bullying excuses the actions in the video if the kids’ good grades in school and hold their tongues until they step on the bus, or out of view of school officials. You know, “boys will be boys”. As parents we may stand up and take note when an extreme situation leads to physical harm, or worse. Again parents look at your own form of discourse and conduct, and not only once a kid seriously harmed.
GuitarMan July 03, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Jose, I don't think parents are afraid to punish their kids as you suggest, assuming that would prevent any future indiscretions. Did it work with you? A more appropriate step would be to do what was done with bad apples on the bus when I was a youngster; the bad apple(s) would take a ride back to the school where the parents could pick them up. Then give junior some public service, cutting the school yard lawn with a push mower? But a true deterrent would be to place adults on the bus who are serving out some form of community service. I see in the papers frequently about a variety of traffic offenses that include community service. Benefits abound, no cost to the school, other than remedial training for the adults, given by a school staffer on how to “handle” little Johnnie or Mary. Our community as a whole would become more aware of how kids really act, and take real steps to identify and remedy the unruly children that act like this.
CK July 03, 2012 at 04:32 PM
The poll was set up wrong. Thew first question was about the kids behavior and the second one on the reaction to the news media. Your asking different questions. Here my form Q1: Is the behavior of the kids wrong? Q2: Is the behavior of the kids ok because they were just stressed out after another day of learning from a sociology major that George Bush is the reason why they are all screwed up in the head?
allbullyingsucks July 15, 2012 at 07:37 PM
No it wasn't!!!!!!! Especially when people are physically injured or have died from bullying EVERY DAY!!!!! It's a slap in the face to them and their loved ones, and does nothing for the cause of antibullying!!!!!!! As you can see from all the hateful posts from people arguing over this everwhere, this has done nothing but show the corrupt school system, the bullies the parents, and incompetent workers that they can all keep doing what there going AND make mint off it AND become famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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